Palhares gives fast apology to Marquardt for greasing accusations

Rousimar Palhares admitted he was wrong about the greasing accusations he threw at Nate Marquardt. He apologized after the fight for making the accusation, saying:

"I'm very sorry for the accusations I made," Palhares told "Nate Marquardt did not cheat in any way, and I'm very sorry to him and his team for my actions in the fight."

Palhares is known for getting fighters in painful leg locks, and Marquardt prepared for that by shaving his legs. Freshly shaved legs are harder to get a hold of, but are by no means against the rules.

Palhares' team said that he has faced greased fighters in the past, and that makes him paranoid. At the same time, they made no excuses for their fighter.

"He should have never stopped," [Palhares' coach Murilio] Bustamante said. "Nate won fair and square and did exactly what he should have."

Kudos to Palhares for owning up to his mistake. That bit of humility prevented a long drama, as when B.J. Penn accused Georges St. Pierre, Marquardt's teammate, of greasing.

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