Nevada Attorney General files complaint against Wanderlei Silva

Elias Cepeda
Nevada Attorney General Urges Athletic Commission to Pursue Wanderlei Silva Discipline
Nevada Attorney General Urges Athletic Commission to Pursue Wanderlei Silva Discipline

Wanderlei Silva has strangely insisted that his regulatory problems are behind him, following his refusal of a random drug test leading up to his then-scheduled fight against Chael Sonnen at July's UFC 175, and a later admission that he took banned substances. A new report says that Nevada filed a complaint against Silva on the last day of July, seeking reimbursement for costs incurred by the state, and other punishment from and of the fighter.

"The AG’s office seeks costs associated with the Silva case, including investigative costs and attorney’s fees, and any other punishment the commission sees fit, which could include barring him from applying for a license in the state for a period of time. Silva has 20 days to respond; his case will be addressed at a commission hearing at a date to be determined," MMA Junkie's report reads.

Silva's main offense, according to the complaint, is avoiding the Nevada Athletic Commission when it tried to test him before his fight against Sonnen. “An unarmed combatant shall submit to a urinalysis or chemical test if the commission or a representative of the commission directs him or her to do so,” the complaint states.

The Junkie report details that Nevada is seeking cost (including investigative costs and attorney's fees) reimbursement for costs associated with the Brazilian's case, from Silva, as well as other punishment that the commission may determine is justified. Silva has twenty days from the complaint's issue date to respond and, if he does, he will have a hearing at a future commission meeting.

Silva met with the commission in June for an "information gathering" hearing. It was at that meeting that "The Axe Muderer" dropped his lies about being confused by the drug testing process and admitted that he intentionally avoided the test because he was taking a banned diuretic.

We will keep you posted on the story as more news becomes available.

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