Will Koscheck be 'allowed' to takedown Alves?

The UFC's deep roster affords it the opportunity to come up with great replacement fights once another one goes down in flames. Diego Sanchez is off the UFC 90 card and in steps his mortal enemy Josh Koscheck (pictured). Now will the UFC tell the takedown specialist to keep the fight on the feet against Alves a la EliteXC? Probably not. But it does pose a helluva gameplan change for Alves, whose strength is standing.

The UFC announced this evening that Koscheck is fighting in less than two weeks:

"There is nothing worse than having a great fight and then having one of the fighters drop out at the last second,” said UFC President Dana White. “But the one thing the UFC has proven time and time again is our ability to replace fights with ones as good as or better than the original fight, and we’ve done it again with the highly-ranked Josh Koscheck stepping up to replace Diego Sanchez against welterweight wrecking machine Thiago Alves. Hats off to Josh and Thiago, as not many fighters would agree to a matchup this tough on such short notice.”