Gina Carano calls press to complain about fame

Gina Carano says that she is not the face of women's MMA. She doesn't want the label, she only wants to be known as a fighter. She definitely doesn't want to be famous. I have just one thing to say to that: HONEY, PLEASE.

First off, being the face of women's MMA has made you a wealthy woman. Do you think that your sponsorships, magazine profiles and job on American Gladiator would be around if you weren't the face of women's MMA? You didn't even make weight for your last fight, yet media and the public are still writing about you, searching your name online, and looking forward to your fight on October 4. That translates into sponsorship dollars for you.

Secondly, if you didn't want all of this attention, then why did you invite press to your workout? If you truly don't want people writing about you, then don't invite people who write for a living to your gym. It's not rocket science. If you are just a fighter, then just fight. Don't be an American Gladiator, don't pose for Maxim and don't accept every interview request.

Or you could try this, dear Gina. Enjoy the fact that you are a popular fighter and everything that comes with that title. Thrive in your role as the best known woman in MMA. Make weight for your next fight, win decisively and reap the benefits of being a great fighter. Be an ambassador for the sport and help it grow so that you can pass on the title of the face of women's MMA. Just don't complain about the fame you grew.

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