Fuel TV asks for fans patience as they work for wider availability

During last week's UFC on Fuel event, Cagereaders vented their frustration about the lack of availability of Fuel across the country and how they are missing out on fights, pre and post-fight shows and news magazine shows. One reader said he hasn't missed a single UFC event in six years until the UFC started showing fights on Fuel, a station he can't get on Comcast, the nation's largest cable provider.

Readers also said that they have, on several occasions, called their cable provider to ask for Fuel. However, they have no idea if it's doing any good. Since the UFC started working with Fuel TV in January, there has been little word on if Fuel will be carried more widely any time soon.

Though Fuel won't say when, they did respond to Cagewriter's questions with this statement:

Everyone at FUEL TV wants exactly what UFC fans want — to make our network available to every UFC fan possible. We appreciate their patience and have a team working diligently with distributors to make the network more widely available as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we encourage UFC fans to call their TV provider and request that FUEL TV be added to their network lineup. Because, let's face it, watching UFC on FUEL TV is clearly a much better viewing experience than having to stream the fights online. To get FUEL TV, go to, or call 877-4 FUEL-TV.

The problem with patience is that it's rarely infinite in its supply. UFC fans who don't have Fuel missed out on Alexander Gustafsson, an exciting light heavyweight prospect. They may have patiently missed out on seeing his big win over Thiago Silva. How will fans react to missing the next breakout performance? Will they patiently wait until Fuel becomes widely available, or will they fail to care when it does?