Cung Le has gone Hollywood

Cung Le is not the first fighter to go Hollywood. Randy Couture and Rich Franklin have both had their turns on the silver screen, but they both returned to the fighting world. It's not clear if that will be true with Cung Le. He has two movies that are finishing up and will debut in 2009, and a third that is just starting to film. Now he says that he will only return to MMA for something big:

"I still got a lot in me," Le said. "I've got some great fighters in my gym. So right now I'm just coaching and doing the movie thing. I'm staying in shape just in case something huge comes up. And I'll be ready to go."

He claims that this focusing on his film career is just as good for MMA as actually fighting. I doubt that. One of the reasons that Cung Le is so exciting to watch is that he came up through tae kwon do, unlike most fighters who join the sport through wrestling and jiu-jitsu. His kicks are the best in the sport, and his style could help MMA evolve. Unfortunately, now we can only see those kicks at a theater near you.

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