C-a-C: You can't punch me if you can't reach me!

Ahhh, Nick Diaz. The man is a blogger's dream, because he does things like refusing to take the traditional staredown picture, and we get to make fun of him. Take your shot at assigning a caption to the picture from the Strikeforce press conference in the comments, and read on for the winners of last week's create-a- caption.

First place: Look! He went to Jared! -- Fightchica

Second place: Keep squeezing little man, I'm still not coming to your Bible class. -- The Unsilent Majority

Third place: Matt & Brock re-enact their favourite Yoda & Luke scene from "The Empire Strikes Back. -- K-J-MMA-Armchair*

*I must agree with commenter D-rok who said, "I've decided that KJ-MMA-Armchair should remain the C-A-C champion. Hands down. Everytime I think I made a pretty funny caption, you take the cake, man!"

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