Benson Henderson says he’s not too different than Nate Diaz

Maggie Hendricks

UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson is defending his title against Nate Diaz in December. Though the two appear to be vastly different, Henderson told Cagewriter that he sees a common ground with his opponent.

"I don't think we're all that different. I think we're pretty similar. He expresses himself in a different way, but we're both fighters. Both pretty emotional, amped-up guys. I really don't think that we're all that different," Henderson said. "I do think that the media and people will try to portray that and play that up, and if it sells tickets, great. If it gets people to tune in, I'm all for it."

Henderson, who grew up near Seattle, where he will fight in December, said he understands where Diaz is coming from.

"He had a hard life growing up. He grew up in a bad neighborhood. Where I grew up wasn't all that great, either. He talks about it a little more and portrays that. You can pick and choose how to portray yourself. We come from the same place, I just choose to portray myself a little differently."

Come back to Cagewriter tomorrow for more from Henderson.

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