Bars not showing Affliction this time around

If you want to save $39.95 but still catch Affliction on Saturday, you will have a hard time finding a bar where you can watch the fight. You see, the lack of household name star power that is keeping casual MMA fans from finding interest in the fights this weekend is the same thing that keeps the usual MMA bars from buying the fights.

Buffalo Wild Wings, a large national chain that showed Affliction's first event in July 2008, is not airing this event. Hooters is also not going to buy the fight, and in my hometown of Chicago, the closest I can find to a bar airing the fights is one that said, "We're thinking about it."

On both the UFC's Web site and the site for Affliction's first event, there is a listing of bars and restaurants that will air each event. There is no such link on the Day of Reckoning site. With this on top of the rumors of poor ticket sales, Affliction is seemingly in trouble before the first punch is thrown.

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