[VIDEO] Vitor Belfort's son David spars boxing

Elias Cepeda

UFC middleweight contender Vitor Belfort recently told Brazilian outlet Globo that his nine year-old son David has begun training. "The Phenom" also reportedly went ahead and released video of his little guy doing some boxing sparring.

In the video above, mini-Belfort takes on a larger boy and doesn't appear shy about throwing heat at all. In fact, at several points, David actually does a 1-2, walk-down combination that his dad made famous years ago in his KO over Wanderlei Silva. 

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With the elder Belfort's future up in the air since he's not sanctioned by Nevada to fight, watching this "Lil Phenom" might be your last chance to see a Belfort fight in awhile. 

So, enjoy. In all seriousness, these two kids show a lot of bravery and it's cool to see a future hall of famer's kid already learning how to fight.

Plus, David's already got a great fighter nickname - "Guacamole." Dig it. 

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