Madonna cannot confirm A-Rod’s centaur painting

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More than three years after its possible existence first came to light, America remains enamored with the idea of A-Rod owning an oil painting portraying himself as a centaur.

So much so that one Boston-area reporter actually asked Madonna about it on Thursday as she held a press conference in Indianapolis for her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show. And while A-Rod's ex-gal pal would not confirm or deny anything about the awkward question, Madge's dodging of the question was a lot more entertaining than the time someone showed Kate Hudson the famous Big League Stew photoshop that's at the top of this post.

Here's the video:

Rich Shirtenlieb, Toucher and Rich Show: "I know that you've spent time with athletes before, Alex Rodriguez being one of them. Is it true that he has an oil painting of himself depicting himself as a centaur — half-man, half-horse — in his home?

Madonna: "Wow. If he does, I haven't seen it. But I'm pretty sure he has a very large photograph of me lying on a horse. I hope that answers your question."

Well, it looks like we know which question A-Rod will be asked first when he reports to Tampa and Yankees spring training in a few weeks.

It really is amazing, though, that A-Rod has found his way into a silly Super Bowl storyline for the second straight year. Last year, it was ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz handfeeding him popcorn during the big game, this year it's his first post-divorce celebrity girlfriend being asked about the white whale of the art-collecting world.

Given that A-Rod was just spotted by Deadspin buying gossip magazines at an airport, we're guessing he doesn't mind this type of reportage in the slightest.

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