Adrian Beltre reacts unfavorably to Miguel Cabrera touching his head

As we've learned over the years, Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre does not respond well to people touching his head. Those who dare touch his head risk having whatever Beltre happens to be holding at the time chucked at them from point-blank range. Just ask teammate Elvis Andrus, who tried to pull a fast one during a game last May and nearly wore Beltre's glove on the back of his head.

If that's how Beltre reacted to a teammate, one would think his response would be far less favorable for an opponent. On Friday night, Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera tested that theory and found it to be true.

After Cabrera doubled in the third inning and advanced to third on a groundout, he decided to mess with Beltre a little bit as they casually hung out around the bag. It started with a seemingly innocent conversation, and then Cabrera went right for the head shot. Beltre responded almost immediately with a slug on the back. That was followed by an attempted shot just a little bit lower, which Cabrera was ready for. Cabrera responded in kind with his own "cup check" and the hilarious "Three Stooges" like exchange ended there.

It almost looked like two school kids fighting for position in the lunch line, but of course this was all done in good fun. Well, at least on Cabrera's side. Beltre might really hate having his head touched and everybody just thinks it's a fun way to take advantage of him.

Either way, everyone survived on Friday, and the rest of us got a good chuckle out of major leaguers reverting back to their middle-school days.

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