In West Virginia, no topping the Poca Dots

There are a few states where there is just one clear top mascot. None others need apply. That's absolutely the case with West Virginia, and Poca (W.Va.) High.

The Poca Dots, West Virginia's finest — The Bob and Tom Show
The Poca Dots, West Virginia's finest — The Bob and Tom Show

Meet the Poca Dots. Yes, the Poca Dots. What else would you expect a school in a town called Poca to be called?


As it turns out, the Poca Dots were the mass marketing creation of a writer for the Charleston Gazette in the 1920s. Legend has it that the suggestion first emerged in 1928, when the school was looking for a nickname. There could have been an animal, but that would have been a big mistake.

After all, there's only one Poca Dots.

Other Great West Virginia Mascots of Note:

It would be too easy for Buffalo (W.Va.) High to play as the Buffaloes. No, instead they decided they had to play as the actual name of North American buffaloes: Bison.

The Buffalo Bison are a step in the direction of the Buffalo Bills, with a nod toward natural authenticity.

The Inwood (W.Va.) Musselman High Applemen are the result of a family's fortune and the occupation that created it. According to MaxPreps, the school is named after the Musselman family, which owned a series of fruit canneries. One of them, quite sensibly, created apple sauce and apple products. Hence, the Applemen.

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