No. 11 completes crazy game-winning Hail Mary on 11/11/11

Cameron Smith

It was the kind of finish you just can't script. After a back and forth game on Friday, Nov. 11, Flowery Branch (Ga.) High found itself trailing Johns Creek (Ga.) High, 38-35, with just 42 seconds remaining in the game. After three quick passes from quarterback Kanler Coker marched the Falcons down the field, Flowery Branch found itself with enough time for one shot at the end zone from 36 yards out.

As you can see above, Coker dropped back, lofted up a pass into a sea of bodies in the right side of the end zone … and then sprinted toward the goal line in delirium after watching teammate Casey Osborne escape with the ball, giving the Falcons a 41-38 playoff victory for the ages.

As pointed out by Jon Nelson of OnlineSportsGuys, Coker fittingly wears number 11. That makes the final play a miraculous game-winning Hail Mary from number 11 on 11/11/11 ... in the team's 11th game of the season. Almost eerie, isn't it?

"It was a gift from God, without a doubt," Flowery Branch coach Lee Shaw told "I think it pinged off three or four players before it fell to Casey. There was some big-time mojo there.

"It doesn't get any better than that."

The miraculous final play touchdown is certainly as impressive as any Prep Rally has seen this season. If there was any question of just how shocking it was, listen to the WSBTV announcers, who lose it as soon as the referees' touchdown signal goes up and then try to explain how Osborne somehow pulled the pass in.

"A jump ball, it's deflected, deflected … I still don't see who came up with it. Casey Osborne, I think was credited with the touchdown. Look at Casey Osborne, number 3, on the right side. He gets tackled, he's laying on his back, the football rolls across his stomach and into his arms! Are you serious?"

It appears that Shaw's assessment really was right: It doesn't get much better than that.

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