Florida baseball player suspended for dousing visitors dugout in urine

Cameron Smith

An unnamed high school baseball player at a prominent Florida program has been suspended after dousing the visitors dugout of his school's baseball field in urine before a key matchup against a hated district rival.

The Palm Beach Dwyer squad in action — BeRecruited

As reported by the Palm Beach Post, an unnamed varsity baseball player for Palm Beach (Fla.) Dwyer High poured urine throughout the school's visitors' dugout before a district matchup against Palm Beach Gardens (Fla.) High. The player was suspended for two games and is facing a likely school suspension for his actions as well, pending a further interview of an act which Palm Beach Dwyer athletic director Tom Pagley described as "indefensible."

Palm Beach Dwyer coach Frank Torre — Tommy Hutton Baseball Camps

Later contact between the Post and the Florida High School Athletic Association confirmed that the state's governing body for athletics would have handed down a similar sanction if the incident had been formally reported for its review.

"First of all, it's disgusting," Pagley told the Post. "I don't know what even goes through a kid's mind to think about doing something like that."

While both coaches described the stench of the dugout as virtually inescapable, the teams decided to play the scheduled game, which finished in a 7-4 Dwyer victory.

Afterward, Dwyer coach Frank Torre expressed embarrassment that anyone affiliated with his program had taken part in such a deplorable act.

"It's ridiculous," Torre, who is the nephew of former Yankees manager Joe Torre, told the Post. "So classless. It's totally not what I want to be a part of."

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