Tiger Woods' Q scores are through the floor, and that's no good

The rough news just keeps on coming for Tiger Woods, and now it's looking like any hopes he ever had of regaining his former public stature are gone forever.

Marketing Evaluations, the company that produces the "Q Score" testing popularity, indicates that Woods' public stature is way, way down, by a third among sports fans and by half among the general populace.

Woods now has a positive Q score of 30 percent among sports fans, down from 44 percent in 2009. His negative score rose from 15 percent to 39 percent.

And that's sports fans. Out in the big pool of reality, Woods' positive Q score is just 16 percent, down from 32 percent a year earlier. His negative score rose to 49 percent from 19 percent.

What's this all mean? Nothing we don't already know. People just plain don't like Tiger right now in the wake of all his scandal. Here's the thing, though — he can regain a number of those who abandoned him, but history seems to indicate he'll never get them all back.

"Kobe Bryant has never regained his earlier numbers," Steven Levitt, president of the Q Scores Company, told Marketing Daily. "He's been clean and good and successful, and his numbers never returned," Levitt says. "Where is [Woods] going to get his future endorsements? Golf apparel manufacturers, perhaps. The overall consumer products world is not likely to regain interest in him."

And you know what? That's probably for the best, at least for the short term. As we saw, the Tiger foisted upon us by his sponsors was a farce, a total media creation. He may not be as successful going forward, but he's got the potential to be a lot more interesting.

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