Steve Wheatcroft sets multiple records at Nationwide event

As most golfers know there's a huge difference between your buddy who's a scratch golfer and the players you see teeing it up each week on professional golf tours around the world.

The big difference between the scratch player and the pro is an ability to do something only a rare few in the world know how to do ... and that's go low on a consistent basis. Sure, your buddy has shot 63 before, but I'm pretty sure he couldn't throw up a pair of 66's and then a round of 60 in a tournament.

That, my friends, is the biggest difference of all between a "good" player and a "pro." Nationwide Tour player Steve Wheatcroft certainly proved that to be true at this week's Nationwide Tour event in Maryland, as he set a tour record by shooting 29-under -- besting the previous mark by three shots -- and winning by an unheard of 12 shots, also a Nationwide record.

Wheatcroft started the first round off with a 66, followed it with a round of 60, and then added rounds of 65 and 64 on the weekend. It just so happened that the win was also the first of his career on the Nationwide Tour.

Talk about a memorable victory. So the next time your buddy tries to tell you he has enough game for the big leagues, ask him if he could shoot 29-under for four rounds of golf. Expect to hear nothing but silence after you pose that question.

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