Poulter tweaks Sabbatini on Twitter with mousy lookalike

These days, you're nothing in professional golf unless Ian Poulter goofs on you on Twitter, and you can now add Rory Sabbatini to the ever-growing list of players who've found their way into Poulter's sights. Behold the Sabbo lookalike:

"Well played Rory, thanks for the lookalike picture, it's very funny must see. sorry Rory," Poulter wrote in his traditional Twitterspeak. That's Fievel from "An American Tail" on the left. (Don't ask me how I recognize a forgettable character from a forgettable '80s cartoon, but I do, and I'm not happy about it.)

Anyway, Sabbatini shouldn't be too upset. After all, Poulter didn't add 50 pounds to his chin, like he did with a few other of his mates. So, yeah, there's that.

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