Peyton Manning breaks 80 at Augusta National

The offseason for many athletes isn't just weights and wind sprints. Football players, tennis stars and most definitely baseball pitchers spend a lot of their time away from their game, hard at work at another, and that so happens to be the one we all care about and love.

Peyton Manning has been having a pretty golf-heavy offseason. The Broncos quarterback not only made a hole-in-one during a round in Denver, but he got a chance to take on the famed links of Augusta National, and had some darn good success.

Manning shot a round of 5-over 77 at the home of the Masters while playing with Broncos head coach John Fox and some guy named John Elway who apparently has had some influence with that Denver football team over the year.

No word if Team Broncos played the Masters tees or the members tees, but either way 77 is very impressive. A good friend of mine, a scratch golfer, played Augusta National a few years back from the back tees and shot a very similar score to what Peyton was able to card, so obviously his golf game is nearing that zero handicap mark.

As for Elway? Yeah, the dude shot a round of 72 at Augusta, meaning that if you were counting at home his life continues to be way better than yours.