Paul Casey’s caddie thinks he’s just won a car! Wait till he learns the truth…

This is good, if painful. At many golf tournaments, the pros can win a car if they ace a certain hole. At the WGC-Cadillac Championships on Sunday, a Cadillac was the prize. Makes sense, right? And when Paul Casey stepped up to the par-3 15th, he assumed that the Cadillac behind him was the prize for acing that hole. Casey informed his caddie, Craig Connelly, that the two of them would split the prize car if Casey aced the hole.

You can guess what happened next. Using an 8-iron, Casey dropped in the 1, and Connelly, nicknamed "Wee Man," went crazy with delight.

There was only one problem: The 15th wasn't the prize-winning hole. The 13th was. Nice ace, but no prize. Sorry!

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When he learned the sad news from a rules official, the Wee Man was more than a wee bit peeved as he walked from the tee box straight to the next hole. Casey, for his part, took it in stride.

"I don't think I've ever not wanted a ball to go in the hole," he laughed after the round, according to CBS's Eye on Golf. "I never enjoyed not winning a car so much."

You can forgive the Wee Man for being a little antsy. This marks Casey's first start since injuring himself snowboarding last winter. Still, he'll be in the field for many a big event in the coming weeks ... and you can bet his caddie will know exactly what's at stake on every hole.

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