Fred Couples is (kind of) done playing the PGA Tour

Every aging PGA Tour star has that moment when they realize they aren't the same player they used to be. Anyone from Jack Nicklaus to Hal Sutton has put the clubs in their respective trunks, and realized it just isn't so easy anymore.

Fred Couples is the latest to figure this out, and told Mike Walker that he is done playing the PGA Tour for good. Well, he's kind of done. But, still, DONE!

The 50-year-old former Masters champion played well a year ago at a PGA Tour stop, and after missing the cut this season at that same tournament, feels like he just isn't good enough to compete with the young guns like he used to be able to.

"I did really well at Greensboro last year," Couple said. "I almost won. I thought if I went there and played well and maybe had a shot at winning, Corey [Pavin] might call me up and say, 'Hey, you might get picked.' That's really why I played.

"And I didn't play well, and now I know that I am done with the regular tour. Absolutely done. That I know. Absolutely," Couples said.

As crazy as it sounds, Couples is still one of the biggest draws in golf, and his success this season on the Champions Tour obviously makes it more appealing than missing cuts on the PGA Tour.

Still, Couples didn't rule out certain PGA Tour events, including the L.A. Open and Shell Houston Open, along with the Masters, but said he will focus all his energy from now on with the Champions Tour.

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