Bubba Watson admits the only call he took after his Masters win was from Justin Bieber

Bubba Watson is one interesting dude. You'd think after winning the Masters he'd want to field a couple calls from family and childhood friends to discuss his playoff victory, but as Watson told an E! reporter during Tim Tebow's charity golf tournament, the only person he talked to on the phone on Sunday following his big win was pop star Justin Bieber.

"Justin Bieber is the only person I talked to on the phone that night after I won," Watson said. "He called me and I talked to him on the phone and he and Selena were congratulating me, and it was a big honor that they would both call me and talk to me."

This has to be a joke, right? Bubba has a history of playing around and having a good time, so you have to wonder if his tongue was planted firmly in his cheek when he made that statement.

Biebs and Bubba are good friends, so the two chatting on the phone isn't that crazy. But the idea that he was the only call the new Masters champ took, well that's just ... interesting. Yeah, interesting.