Brittany Lincicome arrived at the Evian Masters sans clubs

The golfer's greatest nightmare, aside from yipping a gimme putt for a win, has to be losing one's clubs before a tournament. You can replace everything from clothes to caddies with a quick trip to the merchandise tent, but clubs? Ah, that gets a little trickier.

Brittany Lincicome lived that nightmare earlier this week, as she arrived in France for the Evian Masters only to find that her clubs apparently hadn't made the journey along with her. Then began a fascinating public 48-hour beg-and-plead-a-thon with Iberia Airlines, as Lincicome used her Twitter feed to publicize her woes and spur the airline to action.

"Ok @Iberia airlines," she wrote. "Hope this is going directly to you!!!! PLEASE find my golf bag. It's big and black and weighs 53 pounds!!!! :-("

And guess what: it worked! Iberia tracked down Lincicome's missing clubs while Adams Golf and Callaway put her backups in her hands. Good thing, too; she was just a few hours away from having to use rental golf clubs in what's about to be the fifth LPGA major. And we all know that rentals are always high-quality sticks and have never been repeatedly slammed against a cart path in frustration.

Good luck, Brittany. And Iberia ... did we mention that we lost a brand-new Mustang Shelby GT? I know, a car's not the kind of thing you usually check on an airplane, but if you could find it or replace it, I'd be really grateful.

[Visor tip: Waggle Room]

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