Beware 2-year-olds behind the wheel of golf carts

Golf carts are fun. And 2-year-olds are adorable. So why, then, is a 2-year-old behind the wheel of a golf cart such a terror?

Dateline: Springfield, Ore. The scene: a high-school football field. The battle: 2-year-old in runaway golf cart vs. oblivious referee. Who ya got?

Let's go to the security-cam videotape:

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Ouch! That'll leave a mark — a quarter-million-dollar mark, according to a lawsuit the referee filed. Kenneth Brooks is suing the Springfield School District, charging that officials with Thurston High School left the golf cart unattended and the keys in the ignition, leading directly to the October 2008 incident.

Enter the 2-year-old, who climbed into the cart and set it cruising. The hit caused Brooks a disc herniation, concussion, occipital contusion and abrasion, cervical strain, lumbar strain and a calf abrasion, according his suit, which seeks more than $264,000 for damages and medical expenses. Brooks is also suing the mother of the child, charging her with negligence for letting the kid, you know, swipe a freaking golf cart.

The suit is still pending. No word on whether the golf cart had to be put down after getting a taste of human flesh.

(Visor tip: Deadspin)

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