There is absolutely no Tiger Woods news for you right now

Devil Ball Golf

There is no Tiger Woods news right now. Repeat, there is no Tiger Woods news now.

Woods has not been seen tuning up for his Open Fall Series play. He's made no public comment since his thoughts on new caddie Joe LaCava back on Sunday. He hasn't told us how his fantasy football team is doing or tweeted pics from his latest sponsor engagement. And nobody in the last couple days has come out and said how unlikely it is that Woods will pass Jack Nicklaus.

In short, people, we're running at a severe Tiger News Deficit (TND) here. We haven't seen much substantive on Woods since he stumbled off the course at Atlanta Athletic Club back in early August. We're not quite in the TND doldrums like we were back in December 2009, when Woods completely dropped off the map. At least then, we had parodies and late-night jokes and speculation to keep us going. Now? Now all we've got is our copies of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 to keep us company and dreaming of a day when Woods will return to the course.

But hey, good news: Woods tees it up at the Frys.Com Open next week! And then we'll have plenty to talk and write about. Because otherwise we're left to write about LPGA phenoms like Lexi Thompson, astounding tournaments like the Solheim Cup and the Tour Championship, and by-their-fingernails drama of the players trying to hold onto their Tour cards in the Fall Series. And come on, nobody wants to read about that stuff.

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