The Yahoo! Mayoral Face-Off '09: One mayor to rule them all

We're pleased to announce that Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown was the champion of the 2009 Yahoo! Mayoral Face-Off. The Mayor was playing on behalf of the Police Athletic League of Buffalo, which now receives a $15,000 donation. Congratulations to all.

Mayor Brown's team, "Buffalo's Best," earned the top seed in the playoffs with a record of 9-4-1, then it steamrolled "Pittsburgh Proud" in the finals. That's a snapshot of the winning roster over on the right. The Mayor smartly avoided Bills. Well played, sir.

The fan-voting portion of the '09 Face-Off was absolutely dominated by Green Bay, resulting in a $15,000 donation to the Children's Museum of Green Bay.

Unfortunately, "Green Machine" finished dead-last in the mayoral league standings at 3-10-1. The City of Green Bay shall now be annexed by Buffalo and its citizens forced to dwell underground will have to settle for a real-life playoff run by the Packers, in lieu of an imaginary playoff run by Mayor Jim Schmitt.


Photo via Getty Images

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