What’s new this year in Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball? Cash prizes, that’s what

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Yup, that's right, Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball 2012 is finally live. Registration is now underway. No person will be refused, regardless of credit history or preexisting conditions. Sign-up today. While you're wasting time on this blog post, some other joker is stealing the league ID that could have been yours! Get in the game, fool. Here's a sign-up link.

We're rolling out a few new game features this season, per our usual, but one really stands out: You can now win cash prizes. Repeat: CASH PRIZES. They look something like this ...

... except they arrive via PayPal.

This season, in addition to the familiar free game (with free live scoring and free research tools), we're pleased to offer "Pro Leagues." For a $20 entry fee, you can compete in a 12-team public-style mixed league with payouts for first ($100), second ($50) and third place (break-even). If instead you'd like to play for higher stakes, then you can throw down $100 for a chance to win $500. Pro Leagues use either rotisserie or head-to-head scoring, with traditional default settings. All protested trades are reviewed by Yahoo! staff, so you're subject to our biases. I should probably also note that cash prizes are not currently available to residents of every state, including mine. (The excluded states were not just chosen arbitrarily, by the way, so please don't complain to Yahoo! customer care. Instead, maybe talk to your elected representatives, tell them to stop meddling in fantasy sports).

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball
Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball

Among the other new and/or tweaked features in 2012 Fantasy Baseball, you'll find the following ...

Message board enhancements, including the ability to add league polls and pin important topics;

New commissioner tools related to keeper management;

Playoff reseeding capability, so the highest seeds will always face the lowest seeds;

The ability to change the time allowed per draft pick.

And that's not the end of the upgrades. You'll find various other new features this year, too. Get yourself a team or three, and you might just earn a tidy profit.

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