Bush's approval rating tanks, America embraces Pierre Thomas


First of all, we're not actually going to have a Reggie Bush-Pierre Thomas discussion today. That debate is over. It's been settled on the field, decisively.

Over the past five weeks, Thomas has scored eight touchdowns, he's gained 608 yards from scrimmage, and he's averaged 5.7 yards per carry. Bush has never put together a streak of games like that (although the final weeks of his rookie season weren't too bad). Reggie is averaging just 3.8 yards per carry this season, and that's a career-high. Last night, his head coach barked at him on the sideline after he ran sideways for no gain, again. For the millionth time. He's also a chronic knee-tweaker.

So there's no Bush-Thomas discussion.

Instead, let's consider Thomas' value in 2009. Evans and I have been engaged in an email/IM debate about Pierre's likely average draft position next season, and we have slightly different expectations. No fantasy writer has been as bullish on Thomas -- or as dead-on correct -- as Brad, but he thinks that Thomas will be severely undervalued by fantasy owners in '09.

I'm not going to disclose exactly where we project Thomas' ADP just yet, because this seems like an issue that can be decided via web poll. Please participate. There will be a follow-up next week...



Two quick comments about the nickname "PT Cruiser":

1) It's Brad's finest work. This definitely does not belong in the Berman pile, alongside Ty "Powdered" Wigginton and Jason "Rubik's" Kubel. No, this is something else entirely. It's the full realization of Brad's power. But...

2) There's simply no way any professional athlete wants to be thought of as a $16,000 sedan. It's a shame the nickname is so good, because we actually like Pierre Thomas. And if we're going to endorse a vehicle, it needs to have greater towing capacity.


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