Taiwan’s Manny Ramirez home run call: ‘Like the ex-girlfriend who will never return!’

David Brown
Big League Stew

Our government should get the NSA to do something useful, such as rescue Manny Ramirez from the Far East. And once we decide to incur into Taiwan to bring Manny back to North America, they also need to bring back the guy who calls Manny's home runs for the EDA Rhinos. As our friend Brandon DuBreuil of Manny Does Taiwan notes, this might be the funniest home run call ever:

"This ball is long gone, just like the ex-girlfriend who will never return. Home run!"

True, but sad — for the other team. Maybe that's why Manny skipped around the bases in 25.4 seconds, quite fast for him. Man, that's one excited Taiwanese Mandarin-speaking broadcaster. As Brandon surmises, you figure that — with English probably being his second language — he's been working on that call for a while.

Better than Hawk Harrelson saying "You can put it on the board!" Better than Chris Berman going "All of the way to the Strait of Formosa!" without noting which way that actually is in relation to the ballpark. Home run No. 8 for Ramirez is going to be long-remembered for the unique call. By that old girlfriend, especially.

But what's with this in the crowd?:

Meanwhile, from a previous day, this also is funny: Manny being Manny by knowing when to give up:

He's no Scott Cousins running over Buster Posey, that's for sure.

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