Doug Fister carries Jayson Werth 'rally' gnome around neck for good luck

David Brown
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The "rally cap" is a well-meaning but horrible idea in which baseball players on the bench or fans in the stands literally turn their hats inside out and wear them in order to change a team's luck. It's an OK thought because it's a way to show team unity, but it's terrible in practice because it wrecks your cap!

Enter: Right-hander Doug Fister of the Washington Nationals. As his team was engaged with the Arizona Diamondbacks in the late innings Monday night, Fister felt the club needed a little something extra to get over the hump. Say hello to his little friend!

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Rather than turning all of his clothes inside out, Fister placed a Jayson Werth garden gnome in the collar of his fleece sweatshirt so it could watch the game with him. The gnomes were given away to fans earlier this month — and demand was night. They're like bobblehead dolls, but different!

The li'l guy looks like the real deal: He has a beard and sunglasses, just like Werth, along with a funny hat.

(That's Werth on the left)
(That's Werth on the left)


And he obviously works as a charm:  

Thanks to Adam LaRoche hitting a solo home run — sorry, gnome run — the Nats won 5-4 in 11 innings. Does this mean all of the nats will be wearing Jayson Werth Rally Gnomes for the rest of the season? That would be an impossible dream come true. 

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