Bartolo Colon, Pablo Sandoval and the art of the hilarious swing

When Bartolo Colon signed with the New York Mets, The Stew, like many others who appreciate hilarity in their baseball, was giddy because it meant we got see Colon bat and (maybe) run the bases.

Bartolo, all 40 years old of him, hasn't disappointed yet. Well, maybe on the mound, where he's 2-4 with a 5.65 ERA, but as a funny swinger, he's a grand slam. Just look at his cut against Henderson Alvarez of the Miami Marlins on Tuesday night. It has it all — Colon's stepping out on a pitch that breaks over the outside the plate, his helmet comes off, he spins around afterward like this was a sad ballet routine of some sort.

Bless you, Bartolo, for giving us a reason to watch Mets pitchers bat. You know, since they're now 0-for-55 on the season, an all-time record for futility.

Pablo Sandoval certainly knows how to swing a bat better than Bartolo Colon. But he had a swing Tuesday night in the San Francisco Giants' loss against the Pittsburgh Pirates that was no less funny.

Sandoval swung when the ball was well into the catcher's glove. Before anybody gives him a dunce cap for this, there's a reasonable explanation: He was trying to protect teammate Brandon Belt as Belt stole second.

It's an admirable reason to take a hilariously awkward swing, but it doesn't make the awkward swing any less hilarious or make us any less likely to watch it over and over.

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