Berry says Tucker Kraft not yet on fantasy radars

Matthew Berry, Jay Croucher and Connor Rogers explain why Tucker Kraft is a strong fit in the Green Bay Packers' offense and why he likely won't be on fantasy radars for quite some time.

Video Transcript

JAY CROUCHER: Pick 78-- the Green Bay Packers continue their run on pass catchers, much to the chagrin of Aaron Rodgers. Tucker Kraft is the pick. Connor, what do you think?

CONNOR ROGERS: Ironically, I think he's better than Luke Musgrave, who they took much earlier. When you look at Kraft, big body. He's still got speed. He maximizes his catch radius. But when the ball is in his hands, he is so difficult to tackle. I don't care that he's an FCS player. It's going to translate at the next level. When you look at that 254-pound build, he's over 6 feet 5 inches tall.

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I saw Tyler Eifert when watching him on film. And Eifert was a great player. He just dealt with a lot of injuries. So Kraft, he can play on the line of scrimmage. He can play off the line of scrimmage. With Musgrave, he's more pigeonholed into a big slot kind of role. Kraft has more versatility. So I love this pick for Green Bay.

MATTHEW BERRY: Yeah, sure. Yeah. I mean, what's not to love? The fact-- again, we just have no idea. This is a team that was in the bottom half of the NFL in tight end target share last year, again, with Aaron Rodgers. And now they've got Jordan Love. And I find it hard to believe that this team, which, by the way, can still run the ball very effectively with Dylan and Jones, still can play really good defense, is all of a sudden going to be pass happy under Jordan Love.

And so it's good, to your point, like more of an offensive threat than Musgrave for the Packers. But I don't think he's anyone that you need to be targeting in dynasty or redraft this year. I just don't see him having enough volume to be fantasy relevant, at least for quite some time.