Bears ban TV stations from using helicopter footage of Cody Parkey practicing kicks

Amazingly, the fact that television stations in Chicago had helicopters above Soldier Field filming kicker Cody Parkey practicing kicks isn’t the craziest part of that story.

The craziest part came when the Chicago Bears banned the television stations from using the footage.

Parkey went to practice at Soldier Field on Wednesday night after he hit four uprights in one game on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. That was unusual. Having helicopters hovering above and filming him practice was weird.

Banning footage of it like it’s a state secret is insane.

Bears kicker Cody Parkey (1) got in some extra practice Wednesday night. (AP)
Bears kicker Cody Parkey (1) got in some extra practice Wednesday night. (AP)

Bears wouldn’t allow Cody Parkey footage to be used

The Chicago Tribune reported that the team would not let WLS and WGN use the footage it got from Parkey kicking with a holder and snapper in Soldier Field. It invoked its rules on practice footage, although it’s hard to believe the Minnesota Vikings, this week’s opponent, could gather much of a strategic edge from an overhead shot of Parkey practicing kicks.

WGN ended up getting the footage on air during a live shot Wednesday night.

The Bears did not comment to the Chicago Tribune for why they wouldn’t let the helicopter footage be aired.

Parkey got some extra practice

Parkey is having a good season but had a rough game last Sunday against the Lions. It was a different approach to have him kick at the stadium on Wednesday night and not at the practice facility like usual. Maybe that will help him be ready for the conditions on Sunday night against the Vikings.

Did Parkey do well or does he have the yips all of a sudden? We might never know because the practice footage is apparently being treated as classified material.

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