Bane ready to take major leap in third year

Jared Johnson explains why Desmond Bane's uptick in assists and usage are translating to elite play and a major reason to how he's outperforming his ADP for his fantasy managers.

Video Transcript

JARED JOHNSON: Listen to these numbers, 101, 17, and 13. That's the amount of points, triples and dimes Desmond Bane compiled over a 3 game stretch in late October and over that torrid hot streak he converted 36 of his 62 shot attempts and 17 of his 28 long balls. This man has been absolutely unconscious and he looks ready to take another major leap in year three.

His usage rate has spiked to 28.3, but perhaps more notably, his assist percentage is way up to a career high 22.8. Bane showed us flashes of his playmaking potential last season, but this year, he's out there dropping dimes like a point guard with John Morant being one of his favorite targets to set up. It's no wonder King [INAUDIBLE] regularly sends Desmond clips of Bane's own highlights.

Now, while Bane's scoring could dip a bit once Jaren Jackson Jr. eventually makes his way back to the court, that could also correspond with an uptick in the assist numbers, as that would present another elite option for Bane to hand off the rock to. He's currently flirting with top 25 value, so he's outperforming his draft day ADP by a full 25 spots. That's winning.