Austin Reaves didn’t believe Warriors had traded for Chris Paul

When the Golden State Warriors acquired Chris Paul via trade, it came as a shock to NBA fans around the world. Jordan Poole‘s skillset fit with the Warriors’ style of play, while his age made him a potential guard of the future. However, Poole’s incident with Draymond Green made his position with the Warriors untenable.

As such, Mike Dunleavy and the Warriors front office made the decision to Poole. Yet, it would appear that not everybody believed the deal had really happened when it was first reported. Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves, who was speaking on a recent episode of the ‘Full Send Podcast,’ recently shared how he thought the reports of the trade were fake or from a ‘fake news Twitter account.’

“Me and my brother had kid camp back home, a basketball camp,” Reaves said. “One of the coaches that was there, he ran across the gym and told me. And I was like, ‘you’re probably looking at the wrong…it’s like Buttcrack sports or something that always puts out false stuff’…That was strange.”

You can see the full podcast episode by clicking the embed link above.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire