Audi Grandsphere Concept driving and beauty-roll

Audi unveiled the second of three Sphere-branded concepts built to preview the styling cues and the technologies that will permeate its range later in the 2020s. Called GrandSphere, the design study takes the form of a long, low-slung luxury sedan with a striking fastback-like roofline, a fully electric powertrain, and autonomous technology. Designers and engineers began developing the GrandSphere concept in 2020 with the goal of creating a private jet for the road. It stretches about 210 inches from bumper to bumper, so it's about as long as the current-generation long-wheelbase A8, but its proportions are completely different; it blurs the line between a sedan and a shooting brake. Audi explained it doesn't want to abandon the sedan body style, but it aims to put a new, fresher spin on it.