Antonio Brown's trainer sues him for unpaid services: 'Repeated pattern of conduct'

The drama is high around Oakland Raiders camp. And ‘Hard Knocks’ hasn’t even started.

Antonio Brown, not surprisingly, is in the middle of much of it, having been placed on the non-football injury list just hours after traveling to camp via hot air balloon.

Brown has since been cleared to practice just in time for some new drama to surface.

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Suit: Brown owes for ‘unpaid training services’

According to TMZ, Brown is facing a lawsuit from personal trainer Sean Pena, who claims in legal filings that Brown owes him $7,194.81 for “unpaid therapy and training services; agreed-upon reimbursement for hotels, airfare, rental car, and [miscellaneous fees], in addition to late penalties disclosed on accepted invoice.”

Brown’s attorney Michael D. Kolodzi told TMZ that the lack of payment is typical of Brown, whom he says has a reputation for stiffing trainers.

“Indeed, Pena is one of many trainers that Brown has stiffed,” Kolodzi said. “It is a repeated pattern of conduct with Brown which assuredly will be brought to the attention of the court.”

Plaintiff expects Brown to appear in court

Kolodzi noted that because the claim has been filed in a California small claims court, Brown will have to personally appear to face the civil claim against him since attorneys are not permitted in small claims cases.

Just as he reportedly settled one lawsuit, Antonio Brown is facing another one in California. (Getty)
Just as he reportedly settled one lawsuit, Antonio Brown is facing another one in California. (Getty)

Brown denies claim

Brown denied the claim to TMZ through his attorney Darren Heitner.

“Mr. Brown has already paid the plaintiff everything that he was due,” Heitner told TMZ. “The plaintiff has no foundation for coming after Mr. Brown, and we will ensure that this case is disposed of quickly.”

Brown is coming off the heels of another civil suit that he reportedly settled after he was accused of throwing furniture off the balcony of a Florida condominium. The plaintiff claimed that his 22-month-old son “was severely traumatized” by the incident after the furniture landed around the boy and his grandfather, who were sitting poolside below.

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