Andy Reid: Commanders ‘are getting juice’ with Bieniemy

“I can brag on him (Eric Bieniemy) all day,” said Andy Reid opening his time with Brian Mitchell and JP Finlay on 106.7 The Fan Tuesday.

Reid, former Philadelphia Eagles coach, and current Kansas City Chiefs head coach has coached in four Super Bowls, winning two. Mitchell upfront praised Reid as someone who worked to understand his players.

Finlay was direct asking why would a successful offensive coordinator like Bieniemy leave Reid, Patrick Mahomes Travis Kelcie and winning Super Bowls to take the Commanders offensive coordinator’s job?

Reid replied that he and Bieniemy talked often, keeping the communications line open. “I’m not telling you I wanted to lose him to Washington, but at the same time, you want what is best for your guys.”

Reid expressed Bieniemy has worked hard towards the opportunity for a head coach job, but it hasn’t yet worked out, “some of it was because I think of the shadow I cast. And we talked about it. This gives him an opportunity to run his show.”

“I told EB if he could get with a defensive head coach, then normally what they are going to do is let you run with it (offense). That is what he is going to be able to do. That way he puts his name on it. There is no more Andy Reid on the sideline. It is all about EB, and he deserves that opportunity.”

“He will work great with Ron; Ron is phenomenal. They are two different personality types, but both of them love ball and both of them can teach.”

Mitchell inquired regarding what he called “the myth” that Bieniemy doesn’t get along with his players. Reid agreed, “Yes, you need some juice in this thing. That is what the Commanders are getting; they are getting juice with EB. He loves his players.”

“He is going to tell them when they are doing good and when they are not doing good. He is going to teach them how to do better when they screw up. I think every player wants this, and that is how he operates. He is going to come at you. He is going to challenge you. That is healthy. There is nothing wrong with that.

“He wants to give everybody the opportunity to be great. If the guys are willing to accept that and actually try to be great and not just talk about it, then you are going to win a lot of games.”



Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire