Amanda Nunes wants to fight Jake Paul in a boxing match

Jake Paul should think before he starts challenging UFC fighters to boxing matches. After his win over Nate Robinson, Paul has set his sights on former UFC champ Conor McGregor. Paul may not get that wish, but another UFC champ is willing to take McGregor’s place.

That would be women’s bantamweight and featherweight champion Amanda Nunes, who said she was willing to take on Paul in a boxing match.

That fight was suggested by UFC president Dana White, who said he was “thinking of letting Amanda Nunes knocks [Paul’s] ass out.”

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White’s comment didn’t come unprovoked. Paul called out both McGregor and White after they didn’t respond to Paul’s fight offer. In a profane video, Paul said McGregor and White were scared, and urged both men to “sign the f---ing contract, you idiots.”

When asked about that video, White — who probably wasn’t being 100 percent serious — brought up Nunes.

Would a Jake Paul-Amanda Nunes fight actually happen?

While it seems unlikely Nunes and Paul would fight, Nunes being on board makes it more of a possibility. Assuming Nunes is being serious, it’s now up to Paul to determine whether he would take that fight.


That would probably be an awful idea for Paul. On top of being one of the greatest UFC fighters on the planet, Nunes has trained in boxing. She would represent a massive, enormous, colossal, gigantic step up over Robinson, who looked completely lost in the ring during his match with Paul.

It’s unclear where this saga goes next. Paul could accept Nunes’ challenge, continue to set his sights on McGregor or find someone else to antagonize. In every one of those scenarios, there’s a strong possibility of Paul getting punched in the face.

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