Alex Bregman doesn't say much when asked about Astros' sign-stealing scandal

A number of Major League Baseball players have expressed their opinions on the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, but up until now Astros players have remained quiet. That changed Saturday, when star third baseman Alex Bregman finally addressed the situation.

Bregman was asked about the scandal at the team’s annual fan fest Saturday. The 25-year-old Bregman didn’t have much to say about it.

Bregman also addressed the rumors that he wore a vibrating buzzer during at-bats so he could know what pitch was coming. Bregman denied those rumors, calling them “stupid.”

Those rumors were initially floated by a Twitter account that claimed to be Carlos Beltran’s niece. Though the Beltran family said the person running that account wasn’t related the Beltran, the tweet picked up steam after Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer said he heard similar rumors. Jose Altuve — who was accused of wearing vibrating technology to steal signs — also denied wearing equipment to steal signs.

While this was the first time Bregman spoke publicly about the scandal, it won’t be the last. Given the amount of attention the issue has drawn around the league, Bregman and the rest of the Astros can expect to answer similar questions throughout all of next season.

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