Aggies’ starting quarterback named ESPN’s most important player

Plenty of ink has been spilled and words have been uttered by folks all over the college football world, about the Aggies quarterback battle through the spring and first two weeks of fall camp.

Last week, ESPN’s Bill Connelly produced a list of the 25 most important players in 2022’s college football playoff race, highlighting players who could be set for big leaps forward in 2022, or who have the potential to play spoiler by hopping up and knocking down contenders during the year. Perhaps surprisingly, not one, but two names landed in the #1 spot.

Only one QB qualifies as an All of the Above pick for 2022: the winner of Texas A&M’s quarterback battle.

That’s right, the Aggies starting quarterback is the most important player in college football. Connelly explains his reasoning:

It appears to be a prototypical ceiling-versus-floor QB battle in College Station. King has plenty of the former, but Johnson might have the advantage in the latter. Regardless, the stakes for A&M couldn’t be clearer in 2022… If [Coach Jimbo Fisher] gets [strong QB play] this year, A&M is a top-five team and playoff contender. If not, the Aggies might have to settle for four more losses and potential spoiler status.

That really sums it up, there’s no individual position that has the opportunity to make a bigger impact on college football on a national scale than the A&M quarterback, the rest of the Aggies roster is ready to compete at a national championship level, and if they get the quarterback play to match it, they’ll be noise makers in the post-season.


Story originally appeared on Aggies Wire