Are the 49ers the best in the NFL after pummeling the Eagles? | Sunday Night Blitz

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz and Frank Schwab discuss San Francisco’s dismantling of Philadelphia, should the Eagles be worried, and who is the best team in the NFL? Hear the full conversation on “Sunday Night Blitz” - part of the “Zero Blitz” podcast - and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


JASON FITZ: San Francisco kicked the snot, absolutely kicked the snot, out of the Philadelphia Eagles, 42 to 19. They're clearly the best team in the NFL, right?

FRANK SCHWAB: Easy. I know the Eagles are a game up. But it was just a mismatch. And I was thinking, how many times this season have I really seen one team absolutely destroy another good team? And I thought, I've seen it three times. I saw the 49ers do it to the Cowboys. I saw the 49ers do it to the Seahawks on Thanksgiving when the Seahawks had, like, 19 yards at the half.

And I'm watching it right now, with the 49ers absolutely pummeling the Eagles. This 49er, look, you can't just say, whoa, aside from the three game losing streak, because that happened, too. You can't just remove or cherry pick. But I will do it anyway, Fitz. If you just take out that three game losing streak-- and none of those losses aged really poorly, right? But their wins are just unbelievable. The 49ers best is so much better than the rest of the NFL.

If they didn't have this three game losing streak, I think we'd be talking about, is this a historically good 49ers team? I really do. I mean, what don't they bring to the table? Today, I mean, when you're looking at their offense, Brock Purdy throws for 314 and four touchdowns, I believe. And everybody made plays. This was kind of the culmination of everything for this 49ers group we talk about.

We always talk about, oh, it's a Deebo game. And now, it's a C-Mac game. And now, it's a-- everybody made plays in this game, everybody, all of them. Even Juwan Johnson made a great play to get in the end zone. I'm just thoroughly impressed with this 49ers team, and at this point, clear they're the best team in football. And clearly, they're going to be my pick to win the Super Bowl.

JASON FITZ: This changes the whole way the NFC is shaped right now because, as we've talked about before, if I'm San Francisco or Detroit, I don't want to have to go to Philly. I think that's a nightmare, right? Having to travel east, having to do all of these things--

FRANK SCHWAB: Eagles are in great shape still for that number one seed. I mean, the sky is going to be falling all week on Philly sports talk radio and all that. But when you start looking at, even if they lose the Cowboys next week-- and boy, they have to worry that they're going to lose to the Cowboys next week, the way they played.

Even if they lose that game, they are not in bad shape to win the NFC East, and to perhaps win the number one seed in the NFC. Those tiebreakers are still really good against the Cowboys. Even if they lose Sunday, the sky isn't falling for the Eagles. They're still a really, really good football team. They just need to get a lot better to compete with San Francisco if they meet them again.