2023 Super Bowl preview, Pro Bowl recap & an early NFL Draft preview

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Matt Harmon returns, along with Charles McDonald, to talk about everything that is going on and has gone on over the last week.

The guys kick things off by discussing the news, starting with a couple of NFL legends retiring (A.J. Green & Tom Brady) and ending with a bunch of new head coaches around the league (Frank Reich to the Panthers, Sean Payton to the Broncos, DeMeco Ryans to the Texans, etc.). They also dig in on some new coordinators, including Kellen Moore taking over the Chargers’ offense.

Charles talks about what he liked and didn’t like while on the ground in Las Vegas for the Pro Bowl festivities before telling the story of why he wasn’t able to get into this year’s Shrine Bowl, but he’s not too high on this year’s draft class anyway.

Matt and Charles then discuss some offseason and preseason takes on the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, and how both teams have made those takes look stupid in hindsight.

Finally, we end with Charles reintroducing himself to Andy Reid and talking about Mac & cheese.

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