With 100 yards rushing and 152 yards passing, Lamar Jackson records a double-triple

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is the NFL's all-time leader in playoff double-triples, having recorded his third postseason double-triple today against the Texans.

A double-triple is when a player records triple-digit yardage in two different categories. Jackson did it today with 100 rushing yards and 152 passing yards against the Texans. Jackson previously had double-triples in two different playoff games against the Titans, and the three in his career are the most ever for any player in NFL history.

Playoff double-triples are very rare: Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is the only other player in NFL history with two of them, having topped 100 yards both passing and rushing in the playoffs once against the Packers and once against the Seahawks. Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb also did it once, in 2004 against the Packers. And one non-quarterback has a postseason double-triple: Keith Lincoln of the Chargers had 206 rushing yards and 123 receiving yards in the 1963 AFL Championship Game.

Now Jackson stands alone with three double-triples in the playoffs. Jackson, who also has an NFL-record 13 double-triples in the regular season, is a special player in NFL history.