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A picture of Tim Tebow(notes) posted on Twitter is creating a buzz around the Internet. Oh, don't fret Tebow acolytes; this isn't an Anthony Weiner situation.

Tebow's friend tweeted a picture of the Denver Broncos quarterback at the practice range before the charity tournament at the St. Jude Classic golf tournament in Memphis and it's safe to say that Tim hasn't let the lockout keep him from the gym.

Poll: Is this photo of Tim Tebow and his prodigious muscles real?


The first thing that popped into mind when I saw the picture, besides Macho Man Randy Savage, was Photoshop and not just because the guy who posted it, Tebow's business partner Angel Hernandez, wrote "100% real, no photoshop" in his description.

Those aren't just muscles, they're fully-tanned Mr. Universe guns. Did he oil them before the round? Where's his neck? Why is he wearing a golf glove on his left hand if he's a lefty? And, seriously, where's his neck? This picture, also snapped at the range, fueled my suspicions:

Poll: Is this photo of Tim Tebow and his prodigious muscles real?

Notice the two gloves on Tebow's hand, the large, but not excessive, muscles and the lack of greased-up forearms.

On the other hand, this is Tim Tebow we're talking about and I don't want to be a doubting Thomas. I'm torn, much like that purple Nike shirt will inevitably be if Tebow keeps up the bench press reps.

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