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The biggest bust in NFL history could be getting the boot in Oakland again.

JaMarcus Russell(notes) is facing foreclosure on his $2.4 million Bay Area mansion after failing to pay the mortgage. According to TMZ (which managed to secure some documents about the foreclosure in between all of its Charlie Sheen coverage), the former No. 1 pick owes nearly $200,000 in back payments.

Now, I'm not privy to the financial statements of Mr. Russell, but his history of decision-making doesn't bode well for his chances of covering the debt. (Unless he has some stock in Robitussin that all of a sudden skyrockets.) He hasn't been on an NFL roster for eight months, his workouts with teams like the Redskins and Dolphins have been unsuccessful, and he refuses to play for any football team that isn't in the NFL. The only thing that's gone right for him in the past few months is that he wasn't indicted on charges of possessing codeine syrup without a prescription. (It belonged to someone else, you see.)

Upon getting drafted by the Raiders, Russell signed a contract worth $32 million guaranteed. If he doesn't pay the $195,512.05 he owes in the next three months, he'll lose the house.

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