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Eight former AFL teams will wear 1960s throwback uniforms during "legacy games" in the 2009 season. Shutdown Corner takes a look back (or ahead, if you will) at those throwback jerseys in advance of the season. Today, we look at the 1963 San Diego Chargers.

Yes. You're right. They are beautiful. Right now, you probably wish you could reach out and touch them. Many of you are probably licking your monitors.

Don't fight it. They are that majestic. Many would argue that they are the gold standard by which all other NFL uniforms should be judged. The perfect shade of blue, the numbered helmets, the lightning bolt-as-pants stripe ... they're not uniforms, they're art.

They're not totally unfamiliar to NFL fans, either, so there's not much reason to go into detail on them. Up until two years ago, the Chargers would break them out twice a year. Then the organization went through a bit of a uniform facelift, and now, twice a year, their alternate jerseys are the same as the regular jerseys, just with a lighter and more electric shade of blue. You can see the difference here.

There is one odd little thing to note, though. As noted here, in 1963, the Chargers had a shield on the front of their helmets. And though the league says we'll be seeing the 1963 version of the Chargers uniforms, I don't believe the shield will be making an appearance. There's no trace of it on the helmet sitting in front of Norv here.

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