Kentucky fans take to referee's Facebook page to air grievances about loss to UNC

A screenshot of one comment left by a Kentucky fan on John Higgins’ roofing company’s Facebook page.
A screenshot of one comment left by a Kentucky fan on John Higgins’ roofing company’s Facebook page.

Kentucky fans aren’t forgiving or forgetting its Elite Eight loss to the University of North Carolina anytime soon.

Since falling to the UNC on Sunday, videos of excited and then very sad, frustrated UK fans and clips of De’Aaron Fox sobbing in the locker room have been swirling the Internet.

Losing is tough, especially when a game comes down to the wire. But it seems UK fans have found an outlet for their grievances: the Facebook page for referee John Higgins’ roofing company. They wasted no time leaving comments.

“Did you know when John isn’t roofing he’s busy screwing over basketball teams he doesn’t personally like in the Elite 8??” a comment read. “If his integrity refereeing is anything like the integrity of his roofing, then expect a flood because you’re (expletive) out of luck no matter what you do.”

Another user said: “A sad excuse for a company! This business sucks so bad that the owner had to get a job as a referee! Sadly, he’s just as bad at that and tries to decide who wins the game.”

Some people did come to Higgins’ rescue, pointing out that this is his business and people need to back off.

“All UK fans who are trying to take this guy’s livelihood down need to get a life,” user Jason Beck commented, giving Higgins a five star rating. “I love sports too but it’s literally a game among 10 boys with a ball. You’ll forget all about it by summer while these are permanent. He’s trying to feed a family. He doesn’t show up at your work place.”

The negative comments have left Higgins with a 1.7 star rating on the Facebook page. As of 8:10 a.m. PT, 656 reviews had left a one star review and 148 had left a five star review.

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