Derrick Henry’s ridiculous high school career

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Derrick Henry's ridiculous high school career
Derrick Henry's ridiculous high school career

Here is a look at Derrick Henry’s ridiculous high school career.

As you know, Derrick Henry is the Tennessee Titans rookie running back. He went to the University of Alabama and won the Heisman trophy. He was a fantastic player in college and has looked special thus far in the NFL.

One thing maybe you don’t know is just how ridiculous, how phenomenal Henry was in high school.

As a freshman, Henry ran for 2465 yards and 26 touchdowns. He averaged 7.9 yards per carry. That’s pretty stellar and right there could be enough to get a kid signed to a quality division one college football team.

As a sophomore, Henry ran for 2788 yards and scored 38 touchdowns. As a junior, he ran for 2610 yards and scored 34 touchdowns.

Senior year of high school is a player’s best season right? Already this looks like “how could he do better” doesn’t it?


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His senior year, Henry ran for 4261 yards, scored 55 touchdowns, and averaged 9.2 yards per carry. Can you imagine that?

9.2 yards per carry seems almost insane. It is so high it seems almost impossible to achieve. 4261 yards and 55 touchdowns would make Marcus Mariota the best NFL quarterback this coming season and that would be passing the ball. Fifty five touchdowns over twelve games is an average of more than four touchdowns per game.

Derrick Henry ran for a total 12,124 yards, scored 154 touchdowns, and averaged 8.7 yards per carry for his high school career.

He carried the ball 1397 times.

Draft folks have a theory where a player can be “run into the ground” due to over usage and only last so long at the NFL level because of it. Henry had 395 carries his last year at Alabama. That is high, but 172 carries his sophomore year and 35 as a freshman is not notable at all. He did get some rest.

There is always “that guy” that finds way to put down a genuine stud and disprove his “studliness.” Despite Henry’s ridiculous high school career stats, he wasn’t the top ranked running back prospect by every website or recruiter.

I love these types of guys. They are one small part of the fuel that drives a stud like Henry. Some of these same people were stating that Henry (despite winning the Heisman and being an All-American) wouldn’t do all that well in the NFL either. Titans fans need to make a mental note of these types. Enjoy the legend that is Henry and discard those counter thoughts.

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