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We can have all the fun we want with Kevin Garnett(notes), calling him a bully and mocking his outrageous enthusiasm, but he remains the face of the Boston Celtics franchise. And the Boston Celtics, as KG mentioned twice in this interview, had a "tough day" on Thursday, trading away four players even as the team rode high on the top of the Eastern Conference.

Garnett played well in the wake of Boston's trades on Thursday, coming through with a double-double alongside three assists, two steals, two blocks and no turnovers. But he's clearly hurting in this postgame video, filmed by ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg:

Emo KG? You can call it that. I'd even name an emo song as a joke if I knew one (I know one of the bands covered Supertramp, does that count?). Or you can look at a professional with a giant cut on his forehead from a Los Angeles Laker elbow who just lost four very popular teammates. And a guy who hasn't a clue as to what happens next. After years of knowing exactly who has his back in the interior. Especially in the form of Kendrick Perkins(notes), who Garnett was most likely referring to when he compared the deals to "a death in the family."

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Ball Don't Lie

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